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Work With Me

Embodiment, Entrepreneurship, & Energy Consciousness

You feel stuck.

Feeling stuck and self-conscious in your bodymind?

Have you tried all the therapy and coaching and still feel like you’re in a trauma cycle?

Desiring a breakthrough in your business and/or career?

Searching to get more aligned with your authentic nature, power, and inner energy?

Feeling ready to breakthrough old patterns around your body, food, mindset, and more?


Does this sound familiar to you?

Imagine that release.

Imagine for a moment how your life would be if…

  • Being unstuck in areas such as business, mental health, food addiction, past trauma, and other struggles
  • Not feeling trapped by the old ways of doing things and not seeing aligned growth
  • Not feeling at a standstill in your current energy
  • Not feeling blocked for your next steps
  • Have the desire for accountability and unbiased support
  • Feeling a desire to integrate more embodiment in your abilities
  • Elevating to new levels of authority and influence
  • Ready to claim your gifts and put them into tangible action
  • And desire a mentor who will call you on the BS

Four months of commitment will unlock the 1-day or 4-day Immersions.

I’m Dr. Mel Krug

First off, I want to say thank you for taking the time to explore what it looks like to work together. Guiding people towards their vision through all the peaks and valleys is such a great honor. Having worked with many people in both the healing space and business mentorship space, I’ve found it to be very helpful for people to get a general sense of what to expect when it comes to a coaching relationship.

Although I will do my best to emulate the trajectory of the journey, ultimately every client I work with is different. Some people are just starting out and have no idea where to begin. Others have done some baseline work and are ready for that next level of refinement in business, mindset, entrepreneurship, and life.

Know that wherever you are at, it’s all welcomed. Also know that understanding and implementing principles of business over time is what will allow you to keep growing. And that is what I am here to guide you in and through.

This is your solution.

Discovery  ⮞  Embodiment  ⮞  Inspiration  ⮞  Immersion


I offer different levels of embodiment, entrepreneurial, and energy consciousness coaching.

This is for you IF you’re unsure which program is for you.

book a discovery call.

Free 20-Minute Call

This 20-min call is designed for me to get to know you, where you’re at, what your vision is for your business/life, and where you may have some potential blindspots in your growth. It also gives me an opportunity to really understand what will best serve you, whether it’s one on one mentorship or steering you towards a self-guided program, workshop, or online community. On this call we discuss what you’ve tried in the past, how it worked (or didn’t work), and your goals into the future. Just as you may schedule consults with your doctors, see this as a free call to assess if we’d be a good fit moving forward. Not everyone is a great match for private coaching right away in business. Oftentimes some groundwork must be completed first before diving in headfirst to a client/coaching journey. Trust me when I say that the amount of resources I give people to implement will surprise and excite you. The key to our success together will be the ability to implement and integrate what I teach you on our weekly calls if one on one coaching feels right.

So with all this being said, a consult is a great place to start if you are ready to learn more about what coaching together looks like.

Book a Free 20-Min Call

This is for you IF you need a one-time session.

book an embodiment call.

$300 for 1-Hour Session

Session focus areas:

  • Mindset and MindFlow shifts
    Breath/Bodywork (integrating mind and body)
  • Conscious languaging
  • Perspective and perception shifting
  • Trauma breakthrough work
  • Somatic breathwork
  • Nervous System regulation and integration work
  • Embodied Leadership coaching
  • Mindfulness on life topics including consciousness around food, holistic health, business, trauma, your energy states, and more
  • Creating a strategy for sustainable progress towards your goals, values, and other things that matter to you
  • Personal strategies you can implement daily beyond and between our sessions

Book a 1-Hour Embodiment Call ($300)

This is for you IF you need ongoing coaching.

join inspire catalyst.


  • Bi-weekly 30-40min calls
  • Calls include all topics with the Embodiment Call (above)
  • Voxer access
  • Access to Inspire Co. support and connection monthly call
  • 1 entrainment per month
  • $8500 yearly value

Join Inspire Launch

This is for you IF you need ongoing coaching + entrainments.

join inspire connection.


  • Weekly calls 30-40min
  • Calls include all topics with the Embodiment Call
  • Voxer access
  • 1 support & connection call per month with Inspire Co.
  • 2 entrainments per month
  • $17,500 yearly value

Join Inspire Connection

This is for you IF you need ongoing coaching + entrainments + you want to try an Immersion

join inspire academy.


  • Everything included in Inspire Connection
  • Access to all Inspire Academy courses
  • A 1-Day Pass to an Academy Immersion
  • 2 entrainments per month
  • $19,500 yearly value

Join Inspire Academy

This is for you IF you need ongoing coaching + entrainments + you want to attend the Immersion events.

join inspire masterpiece.


  • Everything included in Inspire Academy
  • Academy Immersions
  • 2 Inspire Masterpiece Immersions per year
  • 2 entrainments per month
  • $24,000 value

Join Inspire Masterpiece


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