Inspire Academy

Mental-Emotional Mastery

A 1-day Immersive to cut through the turbulence in your life, learn how YOU do YOU, and breakthrough blocks to reclaim the life you aspire to live into.

What is Mental-Emotional Mastery?

Mastering our life is not as simple as repeating daily pseudo-positive affirmations that spiritual “gurus” teach. Sure, affirmations can be helpful, but only when you’ve learned to process what gets us stuck in the first place. Triggers, traumas (small and big), and challenges happen. They are inevitable at some point in life. Mastering such experiences boils down to understanding how you personally respond to triggers, how you default into stuck patterns, and how to shift back to inner balance. It requires a bodymind, nervous system approach that most “coaches” don’t fully grasp.

This is not your average healing, spa-day. We’re here to get to work, learn, experience true healing in community, and break FREE from the subconscious barriers that keep us stuck in our daily lives.

Yes, I Want In!

Where and When

Date And Time
Saturday, April 20th
9am-6pm CST

Inspire Life Chiropractic Center (or zoom access)
750 Main Street, Suite 108
Mendota Heights, MN 55118

What’s Included (in person)

  • Working lunch provided
  • Personal recording of the 1-day immersive experience
  • 2 table healing sessions with Dr. Mel
  • Guided breathwork

Let’s Do It!

What you’ll gain and walk away with from participating in this 1-day immersive

  • Learn how you do you, NOT how to fit into the box in which we think we’re suppose to live
  • Understand your values and why you operate the way you do from a nervous system, bodymind perspective
  • How you default in stress and personal ways to reset and rebalance
  • Discover how to overcome setbacks and cultivate resilience
  • Increase your capacity for challenges and opportunities
  • Gain a deeper sense of embodiment and feel more empowered in your daily life
  • Clarity in the difference between mindset, emotions, our bodily felt-sense
  • What is trauma and how it shows up in our body, meaningful relationships, health, career, business, and personal mission
  • Live breakthrough mentorship in real time - a process of shifting our perspectives in both challenges and opportunities
  • Discover how to be more resourceful and adaptable in triggering moments
  • Actionable strategies that you can walk away with and apply in your everyday life to move from reactiveness to responsiveness, and ultimately self-responsibility
  • The subtle differences between cognitive processing and somatic experiencing to move through physical/emotional/mental blocks
  • Other topics including anxiety, generational trauma, and more

Mastery begins with knowing thyself first.

Join us for a day of powerful learning and sustainable transformation from the inside, out.

Zoom Access: $555 (Early Bird)
-Does NOT include table sessions or lunch

Pay for Zoom Access: $555

3 Monthly Payments of $185

In Person: $888 (Early Bird)

Pay for In Person Access: $888

3 Monthly Payments of $296

If you require alternative payment options, please reach out to Dr. Mel directly at 

why listen to dr. mel?

For the last 12 years, I’ve dedicated my life to learning the ins and outs of holistic health, human consciousness, trauma healing, and somatic awareness. As a Network Spinal Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and Certified Breakthrough Coach ™ , I’ve had the honor to work with 1000’s of lives and facilitated deep breakthroughs in physical, mental, and emotional health. I’ve learned from and trained with experts in these fields such as Dr. Donny Epstein, Dr. John Demartini, Nic Peterson, and Kimberly Ann Johnson just to name a few.

I’ve come to discover that many “guides” out there lack the basic knowledge and experience of what it takes to work with people who have gone through root-experiences that manifest as trauma in the body and mind. This type of work requires more than just mindset strategies and daily affirmations to breakthrough. It begins with knowing you, your body, your nervous system, your mind, how it works on a scientific, physiological, somatic, and neurological level. This work is not designed to replace therapy by any means. AND it can be a great tool to complement all the work you’ve already done and will do into the future.

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