Embodiment & Breakthrough

Mentorship Session

  • Feeling stuck and self-conscious in your bodymind?

  • Have you tried all the therapy and coaching and still feel like you’re in a trauma cycle?

  • Desiring a breakthrough in your business and/or career?

  • Searching to get more aligned with your authentic nature, power, and inner energy?

  • Feeling ready to breakthrough old patterns around your body, food, mindset, and more?

Then personal embodiment and breakthrough mentorship is the perfect, most aligned next step for you!

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Challenges that clients seek me (Dr. Mel) out to help overcome & who I do my best work with:
  • Feel stuck in important areas in your life including health, business, mindset, mental health, past trauma, food addiction, and bodymind connection
  • A sense of being trapped by old ways of doing things and not seeing aligned growth (aka. feeling burned out in your current state of life)
  • Feeling at a standstill in your current energy and ready to get off the hamster wheel of just doing without valuable results
  • Ready to embody deeper growth in areas you already are experiencing some momentum (but feeling blocked in your next steps)
  • Desire for accountability and support from an unbiased perspective
  • A calling to go deeper in mental, emotional, spiritual work you’ve done already
  • Feeling a desire to integrate more embodiment in your leadership abilities in your job, career, family, business, health, and more
  • Wishing to own your true power without fear and emotional blocks
  • Clients who have an eagerness to fully own their innate gifts as they elevate to new levels of authority and influence over their peers, clients, and team members
  • Ready to claim your gifts and put them into tangible action in your daily life
  • Desiring a mentor who will call you on the BS - straight-up coaching and seeing you beyond your current stuck patterns

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Session focus areas:

  • Mindset and MindFlow shifts
    Breath/Bodywork (integrating mind and body)
  • Conscious languaging
  • Perspective and perception shifting
  • Trauma breakthrough work
  • Nervous System regulation and integration work
  • Embodied Leadership coaching
  • Mindfulness on life topics including consciousness around food, holistic health, business, trauma, your energy states, and more
  • Creating a strategy for sustainable progress towards your goals, values, and other things that matter to you
  • Personal strategies you can implement daily beyond and between our sessions


Results from others just like you who have worked with Dr. Mel

Why Work With Dr. Mel?

➤ Has successfully launched and grown a cash, function-based healing center in just 5 years

➤ Has invested in other healing business partners including health coaching and personal training

➤ Has supported private coaching clients in doubling their businesses within 6 months with the strategies she teaches and facilitates

➤ Doctor of Chiropractic - Founder and Lead Practitioner of Inspire Life Chiropractic Center

➤ Breathwork Facilitator

➤ Somatically trained and trauma informed

➤ Network Spinal Practitioner and Somato Respiratory Integration Facilitator

➤ Board Member of the International Federation of Chiropractic Organizations

➤ 2022 MAPS Practitioner Applicant

➤ Bachelors of Exercise Science

➤ Founder of Inspire Co. (coming soon)

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**NOTE: Due to the nature of this healing work, all sales on Embodiment & Breakthrough Sessions are final. If you need to cancel, you may apply credit to other offerings from Dr. Mel, future classes, apply your credit to future sessions, and/or donate to our non-profit partner DALAC (Domestic Abuse Legal Advocacy Center).**

Embodiment & Breakthrough Session


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