Coaching Journey

What to Expect

I am not about cookie-cutter coaching as there is no one right to do anything. However, there are principles to business that stand the test of time and WORK when implemented. Weekly coaching calls are based on both your needs, questions, concerns, challenges, obstacles, and opportunities both now and into the future. 

Through these one on one conversations, you will have: 

  • Unlimited text, voxer, and email access 
  • Weekly phone calls 
  • Annual goal planning and strategy sessions 

This mentorship is for people looking to catapult the trajectory of their career. 

Our work together will show you that the problems you were struggling with were easy to overcome with the right guidance. You’ll learn new tools and techniques to overcome those obstacles, and you’ll learn to love the life you’ve created!

No need to scroll. I’m in!

Talking points

Throughout our weekly coaching calls the things you will learn and gain include: 

  • Vision and brand creation 
  • Social media strategies 
  • Expanding your business 
  • How to market and sell your offers 
  • Creating different offers as your business grows 
  • Generating referrals 
  • Authentic networking 
  • Paying off debt 
  • Learning how to reward yourself 
  • Finding, refining, and attracting ideal clients
  • Understanding your target market 
  • Abundance mindset 
  • Creating community 
  • Developing business systems and procedures 
  • Time and energy management 
  • And more!

Yes, I need a coach!

Why you need a coach

I’ve been able to create the practice of my dreams in a very short amount of time. I also understand the level of work and effort needed to launch a successful business from the ground up. And it’s only just beginning. Since April 2017, I’ve been able to 

  • Exceed 6 figures in gross collections each year of business 
  • Pay off over $40,000 of business/school loans in 18 months 
  • Pay MYSELF every month of practice since I’ve opened (plus an average $9000 + BONUS/PROFIT every quarter) 
  • Fill a practice with people I LOVE to serve (and who love our care – and PAY a premium WITHOUT a discount) 
  • Take time OFF from practice to work ON the business at growth seminars and vacation (and sustain the practice at the same time!) 
  • Build my stats to a wellness/lifetime care practice; Currently our office averages sit at ● Over 18% growth each year in business 
  • Average Office Collections – $17,657 (highest at over $24,000) 

BTW – we are 100% CASH office that practices a tonal model of chiropractic care (average visit ~ 8min) 

  • Average weekly visits – 85 
  • 18 hours of adjusting per week 
  • Invest $10,000 yearly in private mentorship myself (currently, totaling over $25,000 + invested into coaching and workshops to continuously OWN the principles in practice and in life) 
  • Invest in 4 other business endeavors and entrepreneurs outside of my chiropractic office ● Generate $766K among all businesses over the course of 3.5 years

And most importantly, my inner work isn’t done. The more I can grow, shift, and evolve, the better I can serve you. I am a huge advocate for coaches having coaches. Know that I continue to do the work myself so I can continue to show up and serve you in bigger, better, more present ways.

Invest in Yourself

This opportunity is for those who want to invest at least $1,500 in themselves every month, and if that is not you then one of our other offerings may be a better fit for you! When you’re ready to jump in, you can start your one on one mentorship journey with me here.

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