22 Lessons from 2022

1. Pleasure is vital for healing trauma. ⁣

2. Embodiment is the gateway to pretty much anything you desire out of life. ⁣

3. Intensity isn’t “bad” if you know how to work with it in your own bodymind. ⁣

4. Gravitate to mentors who are walking their talk. ⁣

5. Find leaders who embody the type of life you wish to cultivate for yourself. ⁣

6. I am my own best doctor. ⁣

7. It’s OK to speak a message that contrasts the cultural narrative. ⁣

8. Nervous System Regulation is the new black. ⁣

9. Lowlights are equally as powerful in life as highlights when you extract the lessons from them. ⁣

10. Information + Implementation + Integration = WISDOM ⁣

11. We are literally living in a matrix of energetic soup. ⁣

12. The more I learn to govern my emotions, the more wealth I attract in life. ⁣

13. Money also isn’t everything in life. And it’s also not evil. ⁣

14. Relationships can complete in a healthy way that serves all parties involved. ⁣

15. Speaking your boundaries and standards inspires others to do the same. ⁣

16. Gratitude is the portal to massive abundance in all forms. ⁣

17. Laughter is literal fucking medicine to my cells. ⁣

18. Vulnerability is the new way of leadership. ⁣

19. Expressing my struggles does not make me any less of a leader. ⁣

20. The more I learn to love myself, the more the Universe matches me with direct, 3D manifestations. ⁣

21. I’m not for everyone…and that’s OK. ⁣

22. People pleasing serves no one, not even the people you’re attempting to please. ⁣

✨23. And a ✨????????????????????✨ lesson as we emerge into 2023:⁣

???? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ⁣

Ok ok ok. Let’s be real ???? most of these lessons I’ve known & studied for some time. ⁣

But let me tell you, implementing & EMBODYing something is WAY different than just knowing it. ⁣

I’m grateful for the intensity & initiatory moments that 2022 brought forth in my life.⁣

Thank you 2022 - while others may talk shit about you, I’m grateful for all the lessons that you gifted to me. ⁣

Let’s GO 2023 ????✨⚡️

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Thanks for reading!

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